Reminder To All Candidates Going For Today’s JAMB Exam, List of Prohibited Items When Going

As JAMB Exam start today we once again reminding all our readers sitting for JAMB 2018 UTME Exam what you are not expected to bring to the exam centre, Hope you all understand you won’t be allowed to get in to the hall with your phones, Wrist watches, Ear pieces, pen or Biro.e.t.c

Below is the List of Prohibited Items in Exam Hall for 2018 UTME:
  1. Wrist watches
  2. Pen/biro,
  3. Mobile phones or similar electronic devices,
  4. Spy reading glasses which should be scrutinised,
  5. Calculators or similar electronic devices,
  6. USB, CD, hard disks and/or similar storage devices,
  7. Books or any reading/writing material,
  8. Cameras,
  9. Recorders,
  10. Microphones,
  11. Ear pieces,
  12. Ink/pen readers,
  13. Smart lenses,
  14. Smart rings/jewelry,
  15. Smart buttons ; and
  16. Bluetooth devices.

WARNING: Ensure you keep all your items very safe! phones, bags, money e.t.c. Please note that not everyone, who comes to the hall came for the exam. Some people are just natural thieves. They steal at every opportunity.

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