Nobody wants to be a loser. We all want to be fulfilled dream, objectives, and a respectable personality in our different field. They are all an incredible pursuit to crave for, but it requires much effort to get there. Although laziness is common and natural, it has great potential to consume us and avoid our personal growth.

Frankly, idling around is a really big problem that will never bring all of these good dreams to fruition. This is because while others are sparing no effort to ensuring a productive result from work, you are rather sparing no effort to not miss viewing photos on social media and shying away from productive activities.

I know there are many people out there who really are wishing to commercialize their busyness but don’t know which way forward. In this piece of article is a simplified and comprehensive way to get rid of laziness and set out to engage oneself in productive gestures.


Find motivation

I have discovered that most people end up being lazy because they lack motivation. Regardless of whether it is about some trivial plans for the day, such as cleaning up the dishes, what you need the most certainly is strong will.

For some, the motivation is derived from an example of a successful personality. This is not about comparisons with others, but simply about finding inspiration through people’s experiences.


One by one

Life is in stages, and not many people know this. If you want to get many things done, the simple trick is to do one thing at a time. You tend to feel no burden completing every task one after the other.  Although, some people can cope with doing many things at a time. But this isn’t advisable for someone who is just trying to get out of laziness bed. Picking the huge tasks one by one is the best way to counter laziness and procrastination.


Physical activity

Don’t belittle the essence of physical activity. You’ll be surprised at how incredibly your body will be stimulated with just a 30 minutes jogging, stretching your joints or just staying in the fresh air. If you are lazy, of course, that´s the last thing on your mind is to do some exercise.

Pull yourself up, put on your headphones, and go for a walk to the nearby park. This simple act prepares your body for the day’s task.



The technique of visualization

One thing that propels many people to action is the ability to what beauty is hidden at the end of their task. If you can simply picture in your head the benefits of the task you are about executing, it will in no doubt your mind into action. Imagine yourself at the end of the finish line, with all the yields entangled with the well-done task, and imagine if you had just sat or slept away the quality time. I’m dead sure this will help out a great deal.

Set deadlines

This part is a bit hard, but I’m pretty sure it will incredibly help. Take the pain to create a schedule and make sure to stick to it. You can do it! Once you’ve strived to start, continuing won’t be a big deal as you will grow to love doing more.


I believe with these random hacks, you won’t just get yourself busy but also derive productivity from every of your tasks. Give dodging idleness a try and you’ll see how fulfilled you will become in no time. Get up. Get started.



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