How to Link email to JAMB Portal without phone number

 How to link email to JAMB Portal Without Phone Number

  • Click on ‘create account’
  • Fill in all the details provided (Note: You are advised to create an account with a valid email address because all vital information will be sent to the email you supplied Yahoo mails are not encouraged due to delay in delivery)
  • Click on ‘verify e-mail’
  • After that, your email has been linked
  • Another way you can link your email without SMS is to go to CAFE, they can help you do that or if you are not able to do it, contact me from the contact form or you should comment below to assist you.

Deadline For Linking Email To JAMB Portal

     The process of linking your email to JAMB portal has no deadline as this is a continuous process. Even the board hasn’t make any announcement as to whether there is a deadline or not. In view of this, if you are yet to link your email, endeavour

to do so now.

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